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Neem Products Paraguay sells organic certified neem leaf derived products of the highest quality possible. The products are produced under top-quality standards in the remote Chaco region of Paraguay. 

Neem Products

Neem Leaves


Organic leaves


not washed

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Neem Oil

sold out until 2025

sold out until 2025

Neem Cake


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More than a bussiness.


NPP (Neem Products Paraguay) is located in the Boqueron in the Chaco. It is located on the farm El Retiro close to Mariscal Estigarribia in proximity to Fildadelfia.


NPP is part of ‘The Neem Project’, which is the result of combining cultivation and processing of neem in Paraguay on virgin land with the broad management expertise of our founder. The mission of the project is to set new standards in the supply of neem, enabling an improved commercial experience. Previously uncultivated land in Paraguay is used to plant first-class neem trees. This allows the provision of high standardized quality and the ability to satisfy high-quantity demands. The neem is organically certified after the CERES Organic Standard (CE-OS) and NOP (Natural Organic Program) and undergoes high-quality checks in Germany for assuring the highest quality standards. 


Since 2014, 203.000 neem trees were planted, however, this number increases constantly and is expected to reach 1 million in ten years time. Most are planting to reforest degraded land. At the moment, around 150 people live on the farm, of which 25 are involved in raising and caring for the neem trees. From the nursery to the harvesting and processing of the neem leaves, every step happens on the farm, thus assuring traceability and the maintenance of high-quality products. We grow the seedlings in our own nursery on the farm by hand and once they reached a certain size they are being planted on the fields. Neem trees love the sun, which is also the reason for high-quality outcome of our products.

When quality meets quantity.


Our Neem leaf powder consists of 100% leaves, with no other plant components processed.


All Neem originates from our own farm, ensuring traceability and quality control.



We carry out every step of the value chain internally, that gives us full control over all processes.



Our top-notch raw material and advanced processing ensure the effectiveness of our neem products.


Our specially developed leaf and seed drying process guarantees maximum quality.

High-quality leaf

drying process

Our Paraguay farm is certified organic, meeting CE-OS and NOP standards.




When nature meets science.


Discover the essence of neem with NPP. We're not just a business; we're your gateway to purity and excellence. Our commitment is simple: provide you with the purest Neem products sourced directly from our farm. What sets us apart? Absolute dedication to quality and transparency. At NPP trust is not just earned; it's cultivated with every leaf.

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This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

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This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

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